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Fractal Antenna Fabrication

Question asked by downcast on Mar 11, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2009 by djorgens
Hi there, i'm currently doing a research on fractal antenna for my final year project, hence, im ready to frabricate a testing antenna using SMA connector, today i just got the chance to take a look at the Network Analyzer ENA E5071B range 300K-8.5Ghz....

My objective is to test out the Return Losses of the fabricated antenna, i would seek for help for expert where should i get started, i came across to my seniors which he refuse to help me out and asked me to source out myself, i would like to ask any guidance o manual to guide me through the whole testing procedure, besides that what else i could get from the network analzyer apart from Return Losses..

I really appreciate help from forumers/experts... Thank You