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help needed for External Test Set Calibration on VNA E5071B

Question asked by chaussette87 on Feb 5, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2008 by odanzy
I need some help for proceeding a calibration on a VNA E5071B, with the External Test Set mode (mode 1). My problem consists in performing a good calibration on the S parameters S11 and S21. The user's manual shows the different calibration we can do (open response, short response, thru response; enhanced response and 1 port calibrations), but I think they're not really correct, because of the external test set mode. My goal is to perform a Short Open Load calibration on the reflection parameter S11 and on the transmission parameter S21, but not independantly (the user's guide doesn't say how to make it) named one path two port. I use the firmware revision 6.51 on my VNA, and the matter is that the device still proposes calibration on ports 1, 2, 3 and 4 even if I use the external test set (all goes as if I only had 2 ports).
So I don't know which calibration I can use for my test bench.
Thank you for helping me.