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Possible to measure dipole antenna directly with VNA?

Question asked by schase on Jan 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2008 by RayH
As a learning exercise, I am attempting to design a basic half-wave dipole antenna and matching network.  After designing my antenna, I would like to measure the antenna impedance using an E5071C I have available in my lab.

Question 1: If I measure a balun and export the results to an .S3P/.S4P file.  Can I later measure the combination of my dipole, matching network, and balun and then de-embed the balun (wirewound balun) from the measurement to obtain the antenna impedance (sdd11)?

Question 2: It it possible to measure the half-wave dipole directly using two ports of the E5071C (center pins of port 1 & 2 connected to dipole pair & VNA port grounds connected together)?  After measuring the antenna directly on two ports of the E5071C could I then simulate a balun using the fixture simulator for a valid Sdd11 measurement?

For question 2, I am concerned that the coax cables connected to my dipole will radiate without a physical balun.  I do not understand if this is a valid measurement technique.

I would be happy to hear inputs if either technique 1 or 2 would result in a valid measurement.  Also, are there other methods I should consider?