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approximate power incident upon R1, A, R2, and B receivers

Question asked by nickmmw on Jan 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2008 by Dr_joel

I'm using the Agilent PNA uncertainty calculator to assess the PNA's dynamic accuracy. My PNA is configured for high-power and I'm currently performing verification experiments on a flush-connection to assess the quality of the power-dep sparameters across a 50dB dynamic range of input powers (this is setup via 5 channels). I have one question:

- After the data extraction of full 2-port vector corrected sparameters, is there a way to also extract the following quantities from the PNA:

1. for S11: what was the power incident on the R1 and A receivers?
2. for S21: what was the power incident on the R1 and B receivers?
3. for s12: R2 and A
4. for S22: R2 and B

Note that it does not matter that the receivers are accurate within +/- x dB ( I think 1.5 dB). I only need an estimate to determine what kind of powers the receivers have seen during its forward and reverse measurements. Note that I have an excel worksheet for a power budget analysis - however, I'd like to double check to assist me in trouble-shooting (I'm not seeing the power-dep sparamaters that I'm expecting to see for the higher power channels).

I came across this SCPI command:

- CALC<ch>:RDATA? RCVR_name (R1,R2,A, or B) -- however, this command seems to only give the CURRENT power incident upon a given receiver. I would like to know what the power incident on each receiver WAS during the forward and reverse measurements.

thank you.