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time domain of E8362B

Question asked by brightwang on Jul 10, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2007 by Dr_joel
I am a new user of network anaylzer.
We have an E8362B network anaylzer.
I want to measure the time difference of a microwave thansmits thrugh air and a  material. I employed 2-port Thru calibration. After calibrated in air, the signal in time domain is a pulse whose peak appears at t=0. The frequency range is 8~12GHz, sweeping time is 1 second,  and the number of points is 1601.

When a material is inserted between  the emission antenna and the receiver antenna, the peak of the pulse will move (e.g. to t=1ns) along the time-axis.

I wonder if the movement of the pulse peak along time-axis (e.g. 1ns-0ns=1ns) is the time difference between the microwave transmits in air and in the material.

Before doing above, I have tried testing the movement of the pulse peak in time-axis when the receiver antenna was moved far away from the emission antenna. Experiments absolutely showed that the displacement of the pulse peak corresponds to the  increase of the time that a microwave thansmits between the emission antenna and the receiver antenna. The increasing time was theoretically calculated by the wave velocity in air and the distance between the two antenna.

Thanks and kind regards.