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Railway track impedance measurement

Question asked by Skandal on Jul 1, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2007 by Skandal
Hi everyone,

I'm going to attempt to measure the electrical impedance of a 1M long cutout of a railroad track using an old HP 8571A Network Analyzer using the S-Parameter test set.

I'd really appreciate some pointers on calibration methods and fixtures for such a setup. The measurement will take place in a shielded chamber and the rail track will be enclosed inside a metallic tube.

I have read "Accurate Measurement of Packaged RF Devices" following a link posted in another thread. It provides some info on some calibration techniques to use when the DUT doesn't have coaxial connectors.

I have seen that I can compensate for the tracks long electric length by use of the "Electric Delay" feature of the network analyzer.

Is there really anything else I can do besides a 2-port Calibration at the Network analyzers inputs?

Is it feasible to measure this impedance using a Network analyzer? The rail
track is expected to have an impedance near 1 mOhm.

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