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How to define the parameter of the kit?

Question asked by David on Oct 24, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2007 by Dr_joel
   Currently I am using SMA 85033E Calibration(Agilent) kit to perform calibration, but in the workshop there are different brands of VNA. And it seem that when I perform calibration in R&S VNA selecting 85033E calibration kit, the result is always different from Agilent's. I know that it is because of the setting of kit in the VNA. How can I import the parameter setting with the disk attached to the kit box when we bought? I found the R&S VNA cann't recognise the file from the disk.
   Another problem, these days I have to measure the reture loss and insertion loss of many types of the adaptors with VNA, and I tested in my way but I am not sure about it. could you plz tell me how to measure the insertion loss and VSWR of the adptor for me to confirm my way? Such as SMA(F)-SMA(F), 16/7(M)-N(F), SMA(F)-SMA(M) 
   Thanks a lot for your guidance.