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PNA-X B series Phase Ref Cal issue

Question asked by rok on Sep 11, 2018
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My company just got the B version of the PNA-X (i.e. N5247B) using the latest A.13.25.04 firmware. I'm trying to run the Phase reference calibration, using the 50GHz comb filter generator. But the issue I'm having is when it gets to step 4 to run the power calibration on Port 1. With 0 dB source attenuation setting, I should be able to read out -5dBm from the power sensor. But as you can see from the attached, it is failing and reading way below  (around -30 to -40 dBm range) what it should be. I'm using the N1913A EPM Series Power Meter with a N8488A Average Power sensor attached. I did check to make sure the the RF Port Power was turned on. On a regular SMC channel configured to 33GHz, I was able to single-trigger it with Port 1 input port power set to -5dBm and get a reading of -10dBm on the power sensor/power meter setup described above. (i.e. discrepancy due to cable loss). So I'm not sure why it is failing so badly on this step. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.