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#VEE-Adlink driver issue-Windows 7

Question asked by sal1234 on Sep 8, 2018
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#VEE-Adlink driver issue-Windows 7



   We trying new test and automation In Vee9.32 with Chroma 13350 tester. We have Adlink 7432 card with us. We have searched for driver couldn't able to find one. contacted adlink for support they replied they don't have driver support for VEE -Windows 7.Kindly help us to find suitable driver if not possible with adlink kindly share VEE compatible IO board details. 


  •                 System OS – Win 7 professional
  •                 Programming Sw – Agilent Vee 9.32
  •                 Supporting Sw – IVI engine, Agilent IO suite
  •                 I\O card – Adlink 7432 (PCIS-VEE not available)
  •                 Tester – Chroma 13350 Transformer Tester
  •                 Connectivity – GPIB
  •                 GPIB driver – NI Max


Note: Not running in above config.(unable to access 7432 card with VEE9.32)