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CD Training Videos Needed for Specific Meas. Applications?

Question asked by mmule54 on Jan 20, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2006 by odanzy
Hello fellow RF/MW engineers,

As you probably know,  certain specialized  (embedded) measurement application software programs  are  available as options  in our PNA-series (E836xB)  microwave network analyzers .  These software  applicatons include:

a. Frequency Converter Applicaton (FCA)- Opt 083 , and
b. Pulsed Measurement Application- Opt 008 or

Particularly for  first time users , the start-up/learning curve for becoming proficient at making  these measurement  can  appear to be  a bit daunting.  Several Agilent resource are available to shorten the learning curve, ie.,:

a. Several outstanding application notes  and white papers  have been
    written and are available for downloading ( see App Note 1408-xx 

b.  PNA Help System (which  you  can download to your PC) and,

c.  Agilent  engineering consultant/training  services are available

Given the above,   how strongly would you like Agilent to develop  a series of  indepth  self-paced CD training videos?.  What content would you like in the videos? These videos  would show the step-by-step procedure to set up PNA, calibrate and make the  measurement (as well describing what  pitfalls to avoid).   Your feedback is very valuable to us .

Also, we would  be extremely interested in any other VNA/PNA  subjects you would like covered either in  a new App Note or training video format.