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E8364B PNA point sweep active device measurment

Question asked by jefernan on Aug 31, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2006 by jefernan
Using E8364B PNA measuring a FET amplifier using TRL and PM calibrations (6GHz Span and 401pts).  Need to measure S11 amplitude and phase & S21 amplitude and phase along with other DC Data including Vds, Ids, Vgs, and Igs correlated to the correct stimulus frequency and amplitude at the amplifier input.  Problem is that in point sweep a trigger is required for all 401 points complete forward sweep (stimulus port 1 where it is wanted) and an additional 401 triggers for the complete reverse sweep (stimulus port 2 where it is not wanted).  Ideally in some mode a trigger would cause a reverse stimulus followed by a forward stimulus trace at that point updated stimulus still applied until from port 1 until next trigger moves to next point.  How do others make this type of active device measurement?  I can use programmatic tricks such as taking DC data on forward sweep when stimulas is at amplifier input and S-parameter data on reverse sweep as it is updated but is there a better way?[/b]