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PNA external trigger

Question asked by Avery on Feb 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by Dr_joel
I am integrating an E8363B PNA into a test station, and I am trying to coordinate PNA measurements using point-by-point external triggering.  I am using the DB-25 connector, and have gotten my equipment to work with the PNA's trigger input and the ready-lo output, but I am concerned that the timing is not consistent.  Most points of a sweep take about 0.5 milliseconds before the output indicates ready after a trigger, but sometimes the PNA takes much longer to become ready again after a trigger (nearly 8 ms sometimes).  Is there anything I can do to make the measurement time of the PNA more consistent?  This would make the integration of my test station much easier, allowing me to combine several test requirements into one measurement.