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PNA mmW calibration recall bug??

Question asked by Vmarrero816 on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2012 by jvall
We are using a PNA N5245A for an antenna range system for mmW measurements. We usually do segmented frequency sweep for our tests.   We recently noticed that if we save the PNA calibration and state (*.csa), when we recall the calibration, the frequency offset table does not saves the segmented frequencies in for the primary frequencies.  However, if the calibration was performed with a linear frequency sweep, the primary frequency list is saved and recalled as expected.   Is this a bug in the firmware or is there a reason why the primary frequency list when the calibration is a segmented list, when recalled it just saves the highest frequency the internal source can produce (in our case, 50.2 GHz)?

Thanks for your time and help.

PNA N5245A
Firmaware: A.09.22.07

Victor Marrero