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What does it take to make pulsed VSWR measurements on a PNA?

Question asked by SteveE on Apr 6, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2007 by loren.betts
I have to measure the S11 and S22 of a high power amplifier that operates in a pulsed mode with the bias to the amplifier being turned on and off, such that the VSWR of the ports changes dramatically from power on to power off. The ON time is on the order of milliseconds and the duty cycle is in the single digits. We have an 8362B PNA with options 014, UNL, 080, 081, and 083. There is an 81110A pulse generator with a single 81111A output module in the ATE setup. What is the quickest and lowest cost way to implement these pulse VSWR measurements given the equipment we have? And can the measurement be automated to run thru VEE?  Point in pulse and pulse profiling are not necessary.