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Unable to lock to Ext 10Mhz Ref

Question asked by zialabs on Feb 22, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by tovm
My 8510B, 8350B, 8514A system suddenly developed this error message, "Caution: Unable to lock to Ext 10MHz Ref". The 8350B has no 10MHz ref output hence there is no ext 10Mhz reference to connect to the 8510B. It was working fine with no external 10MHz Reference input. There must be a hidden menu somewhere to tell the 8510B to either use it's internal 10MHz reference (if it has one?) or to ignore the fact that there isn't one available. What is the solution? When this error pops up it locks up the entire system! Cycling power does no good because the error locks up the system on boot up. I hope someone can tell me how to remedy this! Thank you very much, I appreciate your help!  -Bob