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Dissimilarity in FEM Results of Resonant Patch Antenna

Question asked by Riju on Sep 7, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by Riju

I generally use ADS momentum for circuit design, not used it for Antenna, I usually use HFSS for antenna.

I was comparing the results of a microstrip resonant patch antenna designed in HFSS with ADS and EMPro (FEM only). But the resonant frequency and return loss value are completely different. I am attaching both the HFSS and ADS workspace. 


1. I can't extend the substrate in the X and Y direction independently in FEM simulation setup, it is taking same extension in both X and Y direction.

2. ADS FEM and EMPro FEM (exported from ADS without changing any settings) results aren't matching.

3. Most importantly, the resonant frequency and the corresponding S11 value of HFSS is not matching with ADS. 

4. For finite ground structure, with drawn ground plane in cond2 layer, how to simulate it in FEM with rectangular shaped waveport? it looks triangular sheet port. I also tried to use edge port in the cond2 layer coinciding the feed width, but both MoM and FEM is not running.


ADS workspace contains the following

1.patch_MoM => patch with infinite ground plane, used momentum.

2.patch_fin_gnd_MoM => patch with finite ground plane (same dimension that I used in HFSS), used momentum.

3.patch_FEM => patch with similar FEM settings and lateral/vertical extension  as HFSS. 

=> I exported 3.patch_FEM in EMPro and did FEM simulation, but ADS FEM and EMPro FEM is not matching. EMPro FEM result is attached.

4.patch_fin_gnd_FEM => A finite ground plane (same dimension that I used in HFSS) is used, rests are same as 3. lateral extension changed to 0 without touching the vertical extension.