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HP 8592B spectrum analyzer YIG YTO question

Question asked by Mac001 on Sep 7, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by Mac001

Hello guys,
Recently I bought a defective HP8592B spectrum analyzer on ebay and after some tests I came out to some conclusions and doubts ..... :-[


The analyzer input is not responding to the input signals and the calibration procedure generates the "REF Signal not found" alarm.


I noticed that the YIG is not generating any RF signal on the SMA connector ....
The 5V and 15V supply voltages are present, but I am suspecting about some points  regarding the maincoil control signal.
Pin1 = -15v
pin2 = gnd
pin3 = gnd
pin4 = + 5v
pin5 = maincoil + = + 14.8v
pin6 = maincoil- = + 10.3v
pin7 = gnd
pin8 = + 14.8v
pin9 = FM-signal = 0.04v
pin10 = FM + signal = 0.04v


I also mesured the main coil current at these conditions:
(zero span and center frequency at 1 Mhz) - 72mA 
(zero span and center frequency at 2.9Ghz) - 153mA


With this information I believe I can conclude that YIG is faulty, but my question is about the driver card ?
Could someone help me with the information if is correct for the main coil control current change only from 72mA to 153mA to cover the full range from 3Ghz to 6.8Ghz of this YIG ?


Thanks !  :) :)