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Questions about the PNA-X Noise Capability

Question asked by jiveadmin on Apr 9, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2010 by david_ballo
Hi All,

We got a PNA-X 4 Port VNA with option 029 for a demo , I did few measurements with the 029 option and was able to compare the data taken of the same device using : the PNA-X , the NFA with noise diodes  , a liquid nitrogen thermal noise source .

I got good advice from the Agilent application engineer , but I still  have few questions  :

-The cold noise source method (or direct noise method) relies on precise gain and  absolute noise power measurements. 
is there anything special about the noise receivers  that's different from spectrum analyzers or the noise figure analyzer receiver  ?
is it better calibrated ?
better linearity ?
what is the absolute power reading uncertainty ?
How can you guarantee stability of the power calibration ? is there an internal calibration ?

I thought about using the Ecal as stand alone tuner , will there be a future software release that allows controlling the E-cal impedance states ?

But the most exciting  measurement was noise temperature measurement of discrete transistors on wafer without seeing the ripples on the noise curve due to uncorrected mismatches !! (seen when using the NFA ).

Thank you for any comment. Hope to hear from people who have used  this noise method .

Cheers to All,