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S parametter in hight power mesurement witn VNA.

Question asked by Floris on Nov 26, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2008 by dgun
Hello, I have big question because I wish to invest in ENA-L network vector analyser. This is for mesuring the S parameter of hight power device giving around 300Watts to 400Watts in CW. The problem is especialy for mesuring the S22. I supose I can't use attenuator (must be around 50dB attenuation) because the test signal com from the VNA will be to much reduce by the attenuator so the reflection signal will be completly in noise level !!!

What should I kan do for resolve this question? I have think to use directional coopler. But the thinks is, directional coopler have directivity like 30dB and risk to make bad S parameter mesurement ins'it ?

Thanks lot for your help.