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deembed a pad during fca

Question asked by cgantz2000 on Mar 11, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2009 by Dr_joel
My app requires a pad, which could be as much as 40dB at the input to the freq converter. For a test I am just using a mixer as my DUT. I am measuring SC21, IPwr, and OPwr.

When I do the fca cal but don't tell the cal to deembed, I get results that I think are correct, that is the spec'd loss of the mixer plus the pad value. When I tell the cal to deembed it looks like I get about the same results, so it looks like the deembed is not being used. I would think that I would get a SC21 of the spec loss of the mixer. Also, the IPwr being reported is about the same with and without deembed.

The fixturing options are grayed out during fca, so I can't turn it on manually.

What am I doing wrong?