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MSO-X 4154A is not starting from power-on

Question asked by AlexTrif on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by kwsj
Our oscillograph  InfiniiVision 4000X MSO-X 4154A was not used very long time .
Now the oscillograph is not starting: after pressing power-on key all LEDs on a control panel blink twice.
After that only one LED (near "Ref" button) is on.
The display keep black, fan work, oscillograph does not react to pressing any button.
Five times press power-on button (as recommended here in one of the threads) do not lead to switching display on.
There is a guess about deep discharge of the lithium battery on-board.
How can I resolve this issue?
Whether it is possible to make something youself without addressing to Repair Service? The warranty already expired.