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measuring xtal's R using HP8753

Question asked by Michal on Oct 5, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2009 by Michal
Is there an app note on how to measure xtal series resistance? Does anybody have experience with evaluating xtals?

The xtal is specified to have < 10 ohm series resistance.
I connected it in series and did a S21 sweep around its freq. of operation (24MHz). I hoped to see a purely resistive point on that trace (xtal resonance) which hopefully would give me series resistance but no luck, S21 values are always complex.  My next idea is to do curve fitting on this trace to the xtal model and extract the Rs this way. However, before I spend extra time doing this, I wanted to check if someone else has tackled this problem.

I understand that there are specialized devices for impedance measurements but I have only access to HP8753 network analyzer.

Any ideas?