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Common Source Power Gain Measurement of 2N4416 JFET

Question asked by dcwatty on Mar 6, 2009
I am trying to measure the Common Source Power Gain of a 2N4416 N-Channel J-FET using the E5071C Network Anayse performing an S21 measurement.

In order to achieve maximum power transfer I have been trying to match the input and output using the fixture simulator for a spot frequency of 100MHz but this is quite difficult due to the characteristics of the device. I have just been trying to prove compliance with the spec (>18dB) and maybe not achieva perfect match.

The originla Motorala data and also data for other JFETs specifies a "Neutralizing Test Circuit" in order to measure this Common Source Power Gain (Gps) parameter. I think this is required as the device S12 is so poor.

Does anybody know if it is possible to measure the above with the fixture simulator.


Dave Watt