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Frequency Offset - Primary display values and configuration

Question asked by antennas4space on Mar 26, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2008 by antennas4space
What would be the proper way to configure the Frequency Offset dialog box to accomplish the following:

1. Measured DUT frequency is 90 to 94 GHz
2. Source frequency is 30 to 31.333 GHz (since I'll be using a tripler to get there from the PNA)
3. Receiver frequency is some nice IF CW, say 8.333 MHz for H11 (using a harmonic mixer)

So, when you make a measurement, it displays as 90 to 94 GHz on the screen, but the source is actually 1/3 of that, and the LO is set to the desired harmonic with an IF offset equivalent to the Receiver CW frequency.

With my former VNA, I would do the following:

Primary = 90 to 94 GHz                          (actual frequency going to DUT)
Source      = (1/3) Primary      = 30 to 31.333 GHz      (source goes to a tripler)
LO      = (1/9) Primary + IF      = 10.008333 to 10.452777 GHz      (9th harmonic mixer w/IF offset)
Receiver= IF CW               = 8.333 MHz          (for this example)

X-Axis      = Primary

Seems like this should all be possible, especially if I follow the expected PNA band plan and LO generation table; however, the PNA will not let me put Primary past the upper limit of my source, even though the source is still within range. The dialog box prevents that.

I have an E8363B with A.07.50.14 firmware.

Any ideas?