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Mixer in QPSK Modulator

Question asked by Mariya on Aug 8, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2006 by dgun
Q.1: I m designing a QPSK Direct Carrier Modulator. Its obvious that when mixer is being used as an upconverter,its IF port becomes i/p port while RF port is O/p port.In ADS2003A, how should a mixer is operated in upconverter mode as i/p and o/p ports are fixed.
Q.2: Secondly, can a mixer's IF or RF port be fed with a time domain bit sequence? In the library, I found Mini circuit's and Watkins-Johnson 's mixer models and i think they accepts only analog i/p waveforms. For QPSK Direct modulator,I have to i/p digital bit sequence directly to the mixer.

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