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measurement using a impedance analyzer

Question asked by coolarm on Mar 26, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2008 by coolarm

I need to measure impedance on-chip in the range of 6kohm using HP4192a. I am not using the Agilent test fixture. Rather I am converting the 4-point to 2-point using Tee's and connecting that to a SMA converter onto a PCB1.

The PCB1 is actually a multiplexer using relay to switch different locations on the chip to either signal or return line of the impedance analyzer.

My doubt is, should I connect a 50 ohm resistor between the end of the shielded trace on the PCB1(i.e. at the point of soldering to another PCB2 and terminating the shielding) and the ground to reduce mismatch.

How much would wire bonding on the PCB2 to the chip affect my measurement. If any, what could I do to compensate for the error.

My frequency of measurement will be upto 1MHz.

Thanks a lot