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Q1.Auto Range Q2.'Port 1 2-Tone' Path Configuration

Question asked by CraigEwens on Oct 15, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2009 by daras

I am using a PNA-X running firmware version A.08.60.09 and come across two situations which have raised questions for Agilent regarding 'Auto Range' and the 'Port 1 2-Tone' Path Configuration.

I am trying to perform an IMD measurement but not by using the Agilent IMD software application option (it's not installed).
During my testing, I have found two issues which are present on my PNA-X but not on a colleagues, who is running A.08.50(something) firmware.

Q1.Auto Range
When I launch the Power & Attenuator dialog (picture attached), it seems that the 'Port 1' and 'Port 1 Src2's 'Auto Range' tick boxes are mutually exclusive.
E.g. When I tick one, the other unticks and vise-versa... this is not the case on my colleagues PNA-X.

Q2.'Port 1 2-Tone' Path Configuration
Within our software for this test we load the 'Port 1 2-Tone' Path Configuration.
On my PNA-X, under this Path Configuration, the 'Port 1 Noise Tuner Switch' is set to 'External' (picture attached), on my colleagues PNA-X, it's set to 'Internal'.
Since we are neither able to delete or overwrite this Path Configuration (on either PNA-X) we need to determine if this is a bug or if it's been changed/designed this way for a reason... we can then make a decision on how we update our controlling software.
We believe it should always be set to 'Internal' and for this requirement, the instrument does have an E-Cal connected there which we use for Noise Figure.

Any ideas?
Thank you for your time.