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Cal. Data download from 9122C into 8753C

Question asked by takeshi on Mar 31, 2009
Latest reply on May 4, 2009 by Dr_joel
Could you please advice me on accessing HP 9122C from HP 8753C?

9122C is on the HP-IB bus with HP's PC(Win-XP) and 8753C.
Recently I could get retrieving measurement data from 8753C into PC
through the bus.
But I use to use 9122C to save and retrieve calibration data off-line.
So, I want to load calibration data from 9122C into 8753C by HP-IB(VISA) program
It is possible that controlling 8753C follows manual KEY operations like do at off-line?
Please head me to where I can find example code controlling both 8753C and 9122C
if it is no-good idea.

I have only 8753C manuals.

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