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A little help with triggering

Question asked by F7ash on Oct 8, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2009 by F7ash

I am using a e5071c network analyser to make some measurements. I am using LabVIEW and the AGENA drivers and communicating with the VNA using its LAN port. I have been able to setup triggering and can read the data on the VNA using the drivers, the problem I have is knowing when there is new data to be read.

The trigger signal to the VNA is not currently being sent to the PC with LabVIEW performing the DAQ - using the drivers (which I have made a little faster) I can poll the data on the VNA every 10ms or so. This returns a piece of data everytime I poll it which would be OK if I could sync the acquistion PC with the VNA trigger pulses but I can't. Is there something I can poll to detect that the VNA has received a new trigger pulse - I could always look at the data and wait for it to change but this is not really a satisfactory solution. I could also link the trigger signal to my acquistion PC but this would require another DAQ card and its not my system (I'm just here for some software) so it would be better to solve it this way.

Thanks in advance

ps. I've looked over the SCPI commands and tried a few things but had no joy so far.