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Help with Baseband Studio API

Question asked by fdn on May 30, 2008
Latest reply on May 30, 2008 by bwreed
Hello all,

Does someone have experience with the N5110B Baseband Studio for Waveform Capture and Playback API?

I would like to use the Playback Class from this API in my Java program, but I cannot find any information on how to do this?
I have to import the class, something like this,
import Agilent.BasebandStudio.N5110B.Playback;

but it cannot be found by Java. Which of the compiled files delivered with the Baseband Studio are necessary to work and in which directory should they be so they can be located?
I want to use Java because the rest of my test setup works with it and it can be easily called from Matlab for further postprocessing of data.

Small basic code examples are also welcome.

Many thanks.