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SavePanelImage Problems w/ Vee 8.5 using 8720C

Question asked by jjmol00 on Mar 17, 2009
I've currently written a program that takes Form4 data from an 8720C for 4 parameters and stores them in excel.  Once that's done, I take the data and create a panel that has the 4 parameters graphed. 

When this is done, I use the SavePanelImage fuction and sometimes it works, more often it doesn't, and once in a while it locks up Vee where I need to Task Manager End it.  I've put the save image function in the User Function, outside of the user function and everywhere in between. 

I've also written another small program that creates a single graph in a Userfunction and saves it as a .jpeg and runs 100 times w/ zero issues.

ANy suggestions?