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Using fixed LO on Port 3 second source

Question asked by cgantz2000 on Oct 1, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2009 by cgantz2000
I'm trying to do a smc power sweep on a mixer while using port 3 as the fixed LO to the mixer. The code I'm using is below. The problem I'm having is that After I set the sweep type to power sweep and set the sweep powers, port 3 is also sweeping power over the same power range. How do I tell the second source not to sweep?

Chuck Gantz

IChannel17 channel;

            channel = (IChannel17)pna.Channel(SatTable1060ChannelNumber);

            mxrMeasGain.set_LOName(1, "Port 3");
            mxrMeasGain.InputFixedFrequency = configNumberSattingTableSettings.SATingUplinkFreq_MHz * 1e6;
            mxrMeasGain.LOStage = LO_stage;
            mxrMeasGain.set_LOFixedFrequency(LO_stage, (configNumberSattingTableSettings.SweepStartUplinkFreq_MHz - configNumberSattingTableSettings.SweepStartDownlinkFreq_MHz) * 1e6);
            mxrMeasGain.Calculate(MixerCalculation.mixCalculateOUTPUT);//Calculates the downlink frequency range to use

           channel.SweepType = NASweepTypes.naPowerSweep;
            pna.SourcePowerState = true; // turn power on
           channel.StartPower = -25;
            channel.StopPower = +5;
           channel.set_TestPortPower(3, 15);