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returned value to query statu about 11713B

Question asked by YutongLiu on May 3, 2008
Latest reply on May 5, 2008 by ieee488

there isn't returned value for the following code to control 11713B,

  /* Close switching path */
viPrintf (vi,"ROUTe:CLOSe (@101:102)\n");
  /* query statu of channel1 */
  viPrintf (vi,"ROUTe:CLOSe ?(@101)\n");
  viScanf (vi, "%d", &buf);

no value for variable "buf", below SCPI commands are copied from 11713B service manual

To Open/Close Switch
The commands below close/open switching path(s).
• [:ROUTe]:CLOSe <channel list>
• [:ROUTe]:OPEn <channel list>
To Query Switch Status
The commands below query the status of switching path(s). Value to
be returned: “1” if true and “0” if false.
• [:ROUTe]:CLOSe? <channel list>
• [:ROUTe]:OPEn? <channel list>

it should be "1" for "buf" according to above information. but it is always initial value even though the programm executed.
what is cause?