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Remotely Enabling TG3 in N9320a Spectrum Analyzer

Question asked by inventor_32 on Apr 28, 2008

I'm new to remotely programming instruments. We recently bought a N9320a Spectrum with the TG3 option. I'm trying to enable the tracking generator remotely using this section of code.

     viPrintf(inst_N9320A, "OUTP:STATE ON");
     viPrintf(inst_N9320A, "SOUR:POW:MODE FIX");
     viPrintf(inst_N9320A, "SOUR:POW:ATT 0");
     viPrintf(inst_N9320A, "SOUR:POW:AUTO OFF");
     viPrintf(inst_N9320A, "SOUR:POW:SPAN 0");

There are a few lines that setup frequency span, resolution and such. When I run the executable everything seems to run ok. I see the setting on the display except that I do not see the tracking generator signal on the screen. When I do the same steps manually I can see the tracking generator signal on the spectrum screen.

What am I doing wrong?