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remote save and recall calibration coefficient on HP 8751A

Question asked by helenis023 on Apr 11, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2009 by odanzy

I know that our NA is not supported anymore. But, that is the only thing we have.

We are trying to recall calibration data from PC using INPUCALC and SAVC commands. We have tried different combinations and we have looked at previous threads on the same subject for commands, etc and we have followed programming manual instructions. But, we still cannot get it worked. 
We start to wonder perhaps problem comes from the NA..?

The thing that we really want to know is whether there are indeed some known bugs on our NA related to above explained problems.
FYI, we don't have problems to save data from NA to PC. 

Specification of our NA is

HP 8751A REV5.00 Mar 7 1993 

Some comments would be appreciated.