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Reading data from a segmented sweep on the PNAX

Question asked by kdsassoc on Aug 26, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2009 by kdsassoc
I'm having trouble reading S21 data from a segmented sweep on the PNAX.
i have no problem reading S21 data from a "regular sweep".
with the sgemented sweep when i send the CALC:PAR:CAT? cmd i get "no catelog" even though i can seesegmented sweep data displayed on trace 1.  the user sets up the segmented sweep he wants.  other cmds addressing the sweep seem to work such as reading back the number of points in the segments ("sense1:segment1:sweep:points?").  i thought i may have to define it but i must not be doing that correctly for a segmented sweep.  i've done it for VMC and SMC's but not for a segmented sweep.  but if its aleady displayed do i need to?  ie i just want to read data from whatever the user has defined (i'm just recalling the csa file and resweeping and taking fresh data).