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Saving and recalling Cal sets on the PNA

Question asked by Amiet on Jul 24, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2010 by Amiet
Hi there, I am slowly going through the process of migrating from the old 8510C to the newer PNA-X. My latest issue concerns the use of calibration sets. What I would like to do is use the cal sets in the same way as on the 8510. I've tried saving the calsets in the user0?.cst format, but that saves the state as well. This causes problems because it remembers the older cal sets and trace information that might have been attached to other traces. I think the closest match to the 8510 format is the .cal save. I need to be able to calibrate the pna, then refer back to the cal state days or weeks later, so the file needs to be stored on the hard drive (similar to the old cal1-8 on the 8510).

My problem lies in being able to save the calset, then turn it on and off elsewhere in the program. It appears I need to name the calset before saving the .cal file, and that name is what I need to refer to later. When I recall the .cal file from the hard drive later, I need to know the name of the calset and then I have to activate it and then turn it on. Have I got this part right?

My next issue lies in the fact that I may not necessarily want to calibrate the PNA using the computer code, rather I would like to do it manualy using the PNA only. Doing it this way means I may not necessarily know the name of the calset, or the .cal file to refer to later. I want to be able to apply a calset later in my program that I have done manually.

What I would like to have is a setup similar to the 8510. Calsets 1-8 were saved internally, and the program could simply access them using the calx command. I do not want to save/load the state information, just the cal data.

Any help appreciated, thanks.