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Controlling an 8753ES VNA via Matlab and GPIB

Question asked by Rebecca on Dec 11, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by deejay
Hi everyone,

I'm doing a third year project that is controlling an 8753ES VNA via Matlab and GPIB port with the USB converter interface. I can send commands easily enough but I am having trouble with retrieving (OUTPRAW) and sending (INPUCALC) the raw data arrays and then sending back calculated error coefficients.

The array I receive using OUTPRAW01 is 402x1 double and my supervisor has indicated it should be x2 with complex numbers.

Also I can't seem to get the INPUCALC<num><array> syntax correct in Matlab using the command fwrite(VNA, 'INPUCALC01array'); or variants of the command to try and get it to send a random array developed in matlab for testing purposes.

Help on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm using FORM5 to send/receive data as I couldn't get FORM4 to work.