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Sending arbitrary waveforms with IntuiLink Waveform Editor

Question asked by irad002 on Dec 9, 2009

I have a problem downloading an arbitrary waveform into a 33120A arbitrary waveform generator using the IntuiLink waveform editor.
This may not a be the best forum to post a question about this topic but I cannot find a forum that specifically covers signal generators.

I can see the instrument (33120A) in the Agilent connection expert. It responds to SCPI commands. It is also visible in IntuiLink waveform editor.
When I go to Communications -> Connection the instrument is recognized when I select its VISA address and then click on the connect button.
However, when I try to send a waveform using Comunications -> Send Waveform, a window pops up with the following message:

Error in CommandError()
-2147220224 , Operation not supported
Error Source; AgtIO.GPIB.1

When I click ok another window pops up with the following message:

Error in SendWaveform!Form_Load
-2147467259, An error occured trying to get data catalog. Operation not supported
Error Source; Agt.33250.1

Then another window pops up with some communication settings

The IntuiLink waveform editor is running on a PC with Windows XP. The GPIB port on the signal generator is connected to a USB port on the PC through a USB to GPIB adapter
from ICS electronics (model 488-USB2). When I installed the driver for the adapter it overwrote GPIB-32.DLL with its own version. This had to be done, otherwise the adapter
would not work. I am not sure it this could be causing problems. I doubt it because communication with SCPI commands works perfectly in Agilent connection expert. 33120A arbitrary waveform generator is an obsolete model. But that is not an issue because even when I use 33250A the same problem occurs.

Any ideas on what could the problem be with Intuilink wafeform editor? Or is there any other way of downloading an arbitrary waveform? I tried using the SCPI command in Agilent connection expert. However, the command line buffer is limited and it cannot fit all the points of the waveform.