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GPIB Pass-Through

Question asked by 68carlsson on Oct 8, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2008 by bhokkan
I'm using a lot of Z5623A H08 switches together with different PNA models. The PNA is always controlled with DCOM over LAN and the H08 with GPIB from the test system PC.

Now all other instruments in my rack is LAN-controlled, leaving me with a GPIB PCI-adapter in the PC just controlling the H08.

My idea now is to get rid of the GPIB-adapter (finally ) and let the PNA control the switch (H08) via the GPIB Pass-Through functionallity in the PNA. This works excellent as long as I don't query the switch anything.
The H08-switch has a strange controller where you need to set the EOI to a non default value. This doesn't seems to be possible in the SYST:COMM:GPIB:RDEV:OPEN command.

My question here is if anyone has a solution or workaround for this problem? (not the gpib_gateway.exe)

And for you Agilent guys: I think it is time to update the controller used in the H08. What about LAN-control?