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SCPI for ECAL Thru as Unknown Thru calibration

Question asked by YuanJin on Sep 24, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2008 by YuanJin

I need to perform a SOLT calibration at N5230A using an ECAL module. ECAL thru will be using as the unknown thru in the calibration.

When I perform the calibration locally using the mouse, keyboard, and instrument’s front panel, the “ECAL Thru as Unknown Thru” calibration works fine.

But when I tried to automate the unknown thru calibration, it seems like the SCPI command SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:PATH:TMET 1,2,”Undefined Thru using a Defined Thru” doesn’t work. Each time after I tried to set Thru method using the above stated SCPI command, the N5230A seems doesn’t response to it accordingly. Because the N5230A will always return “Defined Thru” when I query back the status using SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:PATH:TMET? 1,2 right after the setting.

The connector types, calkit used, thru path port pairs and the selected cal type are set at N5230A before the above SCPI command sent.

Appreciate if anybody could help to provide me some ideas on this.

Thanks, Yuan Jin