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CreateInstance takes a long time to create instance

Question asked by cgantz2000 on Jul 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2009 by bluehound
I am using c# and a PNZ-X with version A.08.60.05.

At the beginning of my program I am have the normal startup code of the form:
Type pna = Type.GetTypeFromProgID("AgilentPNA835x.Application", machineName, true);
AgilentPNA835x.IApplication12 app = (AgilentPNA835x.IApplication12)Activator.CreateInstance(pna);

I put a breakpoint at the "app " line and run the program from VisualStudio. The first time I run the program, from a just rebooted pc, it takes about 20 seconds to run the "app" line. After that, the line takes over two minutes to run that line. I removed and re-installed the PNA proxy and still have the timing problem.

Any ideas why?