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GPIB not recognized by IO Libraries

Question asked by slitech on Dec 4, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2009 by tsilchia001
I've been trying to use a NI PCI GPIB with either Agilent IO Config (Library M.01.01.04) or through Connection Expert (Library 14) and neither has been able to recognize the card, no matter what sequence I have installed the card and library. I'm trying to setup the card to work with HP ChemStation G1701BA.

When I have installed the NI 488.2 driver/config software for the card, it is recognized through the NI software, but I need to manipulate the SICL name and bus address for the card in order to get it to work with HP ChemStation, and those properties arent available through the NI software. Im also working within W2k.

According to our "instrument guy" (i'm the IT/tech guy), the card should be easily configured through Windows if you install the Library first and then install the card. However, Windows doesnt find a driver, and when I point it to the .inf file that SHOULD configure it (HPIB.inf) it wont recognize it as a valid setup file.

Any ideas?