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VBA Sample Program Save/Recall Calibration Kit Definition

Question asked by Tian on Jun 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2009 by Tian
hi, all
the VBA sample program for VNA series doesn't seem working. it has lots of characters that the VBA editor cannot recognize. therefore, i cannot load the project on the Agilent E5071B network analyzer.
i am trying to study this sample and write my own Visual Basic programs that can readin a calibration. is there any other source i can learn about reading in a calibration using VB?
thank you

system info:
Agilent E5071B network analyzer
Agilent I/O control version: 15.1.12008.0
IO library verion: 15.1.12008.0
Firmware Revision: Rev.A.09.10