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8751A GPIB Drivers

Question asked by WallyGator53 on Oct 29, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2009 by odanzy
I am using an HP 8751A Network Analyzer for a wide variety of measurements in an EMI/EMC test lab. I have had to work with data transfer via the diskette drive.
We use Windows computers with XP. We have NI GPIB cards and routinely run COTS software for instrument control and data acquisition for our EMI/EMC work.
We also do some work that utilizes a few network analyzers and I am trying to get to a point of automating these tests. I would like to have NI Labview for that job. Unfortunately, NI doesn't seem to have a driver for the 8751A.
Does anyone know where I might get a driver? Is there enough commonality in the interface that I could use another driver, e.g. 8753?
I have used Intuilink with our 8714ET to transfer measurement data in order to just get by. I don't find any Intuilink compatibility with the 8751A.
Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
Wally Rice