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IVI-C Receivers and Rationed Measurements (A/R1, B/R1, A/1..

Question asked by mdocana on May 14, 2009
Latest reply on May 15, 2009 by mdocana
Hi everyone,

I'm using "driver_ivicom_ivic_AgilentNA_1_1_3_0" to control Agilent PNAs (N8364B, E8362B and N5230A ). To select the measurement parameter i use the following method:

ViStatus _VI_FUNC  AgNA_ChannelMeasurementCreate (
ViSession Vi,
ViConstString repCapIdentifier,
ViInt32 ReceiverPortVal,
ViInt32 SourcePortVal); 

So, if i want to measure the S21 parameter:
     ReceiverPortVal= 2

Now, i need to take receivers and rationed measurements (A/R1, B/R1, A/1...), my questions are ¿how can i take these measurements?, ¿what are the values to ReceiverPortVal and SourcePortVal should i use?

Thanks in advance