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N5230C IVI driver with Matlab

Question asked by timg on Feb 23, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2009 by odanzy
This is the first time I have tried this so please be patient with me!

I am trying to get a N5230C IVI driver to work with Matlab.  I have installed matlab along with the instrument control toolbox.  I have N5230C connected via Agilent 82357B USB to GPIB interface.  Using the tmtool in matlab I can see the N5230C on Board index 7, primary address 16, in the hardware tab and perform a *IDN? and see the reponse and I am assuming that I am properly connected.  I therefore think that i can do everything I need through SCPI commands.  However I believe that the use of IVI drivers should simplify the set up of mewasurements and the grabbing of the results (please correct me if I`m wrong with this assumption).

I have then tried to generate a matlab IVI driver but installing the IVI-com/c for network analyser and running the midedit tool in Matlab.  I have imported the AgilentNA.AgilentNA (IVI-COM driver) and Matlab throws up the following "Driver load error" message:- An error occurred while loading the IVI driver.  

When I try the IVI-C driver, AgNa, this imports oks.

Has anyone done this or been through this process successfully?  Where should I go from here.  Onre thing I would like to know is whether the IVI-COM driver for th N5230C is worth using or should I stick to SCPI?