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Help Needed in Matlab Programming

Question asked by omeralich on May 20, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2008 by omeralich
i am trying to import the Touchstone s2p file that gives s-parameters for a 2 port network. first, my code worked pretty good for the LNA MMICs ( parameters extracted from the s2p file ) and i plotted the results using matlab.
i got the desired results , but now, i have to plot the s-parameters for the Phase Switches using its s2p file.
i have no clue how this will work
the  touchstone s2p file for phase switches have 9 columns and  i dont know which column to use.
Adding to my difficulties is the problem of cnverting the values from these columns to polar coordinates as the s2p files gives Real and Imaginary values of s-parameters; which means they are in rectangular coordinate

can anyone please help me out with this matlab code to plot the magnitude and angle of phase switches using matlab code

**i am uploading the file that i am using to plot the s-parameters of a LNA using s2p files