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Save state of VNA 8753ES

Question asked by mvallmitjana on Jun 1, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2009 by bhokkan
I want to save state registers of VNA 8753ES in my PC, because we want to calibrate a lot of different paths and there isn't enough number of registers in VNA to save all this files. Then, we've thinked that best option is calibrate path by path, save this state in PC and then when the automatic test is running, load in the VNA the specfic file for every measure in relation with the path that is switched at the moment.

Could somebody explain me which are the SCPI commands I need to do this process? Or if is it better, any other solution to realize that I've explained? I've read that a possibly command that I need is OUTPLEAS or something like that...but then, I need to save Cal registers too.. Please, give me some information about that, because I'm a little bit confusing.