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E5062A file tranfer over GPIB

Question asked by Jiggly-Boy on May 14, 2009
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I'm an environmental stress engineer(thus the name "Jiggly-Boy").  But I'm helping out with some VEE programming.  I'm trying to transfer files to/from the internal HD in an E5062A net anal using direct I/O.  Reading a file from the analyzer to the host PC was no problem, but going the other way seems to be more complicated.  The analyzer I'm using does not have LAN connectivity.

The programming manual is a little vague.  I'm using the "MMEM:TRAN" command.  It looks like I need to tell the analyzer the path and filename (on the analyzer's HD), then how many bytes of data, and then send it the data.  I think my problem is that I'm not formatting the data correctly.  Has anyone had to do this before?  Thanks.